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MEDC Comparison Case Study- (Mount. Etna)

MEDC Case Study-  Mount. Etna, Italy

Diagram explanation of the cause of Mount Etna eruptions.


The denser Eurasian plate is subducted under the lighter African plate, forming a
subduction zone

The denser Eurasian plate is destroyed under the immense heat and pressure turning it into lava

The magma rises through fissures in the ground and a a a large swell occurs

Finally, the magma erupts form Mount Etna, this volcano has frequent eruptions.

Fact Zone

Year: 1971
-Mount Etna erupts and the lava destroyed ski slopes, cable car station and observatories.

Year: 1983
-Millions of tonnes of lava gushed out from the side of Mount Etna, engulfing several buildings, the lava travelled up to speeds of 15 km an hour

Year: 27 Oct 2002
-       A short period of seismic activity was felt
-       -Lava was ejected from two fissures
-       The hot lava stated forest fires ad destroyed wildlife

Year: 2003
-Mount Etna seemed to be dormant, until the next eruption that took place in 2005

Diagram of location of Mount Etna

What were the…

Primary effects?
-Buildings, crops and land were destroyed or ruined by the lava and ash
-Communication and public services were halted

Secondary effects?
-Ash, dust and smoke would block and clog the air
-Wildfires from the flying burning debris and lava
-People had to be moved from their homes

Short-term responses?
-Economic problem due to rebuilding efforts
-Possible shortages of shelter for people affected by the volcano
-Limited movement, people could not get around

Long-term responses
-The government may have to pay compensation to the people affected by the volcano
Why did so few people die?

-Early warning system, people were alerted soon enough to escape safely
-Efficient rescue service, they were able to deal with the after effects of the volcano quickly and efficiently


Mount Etna
Montserrat Eruption
The subduction of the denser Eurasian plate and forms magma that is forced upwards.
Frequent earthquakes causes magma to be forced upwards
Mostly property and wildlife damage
Major Effects?
Property, wildlife and human lives were taken
Very violent and frequent eruptions
Volcano’s Characteristics
Eruptions were violent but volcano eventually became dormant
Plants and wildlife were destroyed
 Physical Geographical Effects?
Plants and wildlife were destroyed
Property was destroyed
Human Geographical Effects?
Human lives were taken and property destroyed
-Early warning system
-Efficient rescue and healthcare
Why were the effects so?
-Poor warning system
-Late rescue and bad healthcare services
-Bad infrastructure

Completed diagrams version is located in Geo notebook

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