Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coastal Deposition Landforms: Beach and Spit

Starter Question : Why does coastal deposition take place?

The reason why coastal deposition takes place is because when material is transported, it must be deposited somewhere, so deposition usually takes place where there is low energy, where the materials can be easily deposited, such as a bay where it is sheltered and the waves lack energy, thus  a lot of sand , sediment and shingle can be found there.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Twelve Apostles Quiz

Landforms Of Coastal Erosion

Who are they?

They are the twelve apostles, located in Victoria, Australia

What happened?

Possibly they were landform that used to be there underwater until erosion eroded away most of the landform have eroded away, when the tide went out remnants of rock where left behind

Where are they located?

They are located in Victoria, Australia

When did it happen?

Possibly hundreds or thousands of years ago

Why/How did it happen


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Coastal Knowledge Check


What Are The Processes Of Erosion?

Find Doc in Geo File-Coasts- Processes Of Erosion

The Processes Of Erosion Exercise

Processes Of Erosion Exercise

Q: 1,2,4,5
1. What Is Erosion?
The process of eroding, chipping or taking away due to factors such as wind, water or other natural agents
2. Which wave type is most likely to erode? Why?
Destructive waves are more likely to erode due to the fact that destructive waves have a strong backwash that take away material from coastlines and other areas this leads to erosion
a. What are the differences between chemical and mechanical weathering?

b. What are the differences between hydraulic power and abrasion
Mechanical weathering leads to the breakdown of rock without any changes to the minerals inside the rock, this varies with weather. Chemical weathering happens when the rock’s chemical composition is changed leading to the disintegration of the rock

Hydraulic power is when the sheer power and weight of water crashing onto rock causes the rock to break and chip off. Abrasion is when waves pick up rocks and pebbles and when the waves hit the rock, the stones and pebbles cut into the rock causing the rock to chip and break away                                                                     
5. What are the factors that increase the speed of erosion?

The highest rate of erosion are recorded during storms when waves are at their most destructive.

Rock Condition
Rocks with faults, joints or other weak spots are more prone to erosion compared to massive blocks of rock

Rock Arrangement
Example a cliff with a weak base such as clay is more prone to erosion as they cannot withstand the force of the waves while a cliff with a sturdy base such as rock is less prone to erosion

The higher the frequency of weathering, the faster the rate of erosion

Describing The Coastline Of Malaysia

 The Malaccan Straits, or the west coast of Malaysia, has a larger deposition area as seen near Sungai Ayer Tawar, this is due to the fact that the Sumatran Islands are blocking prevailing winds also the edges of the coast look smooth and rounded, this feature increases the number of constructive waves forming, thus depositing more material on the beaches and shores of the Malaccan Straits, A good example would be Port Dickson, it has a long and wide coastline, this give a clear picture that more constructive waves are depositing material that lengthen the coastline

Over in the east coast, the coastline is shorten, the ridges of the coast looks as if the land has been eaten these events are due to the fact that the and there is no obstruction between the East Coast and South China Sea, this encourages a higher rate of destructive waves which eats away at the coast, taking away material from the coastline