Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sample exam questions 

1. Describe three physical features which form as a result of fold mountain ranges (3 marks)
  • - U shaped valleys, a valley that shaped like a U
  • - Pyramidal Peaks, a peak with a sharp pyramidal shaped top
  • -synclines and anti synclines, synclines are up folds and anti synclines are down folds
Suggested answer

U shaped valley, a valley that has been eroded by glacial activity with smooth deep and steep sides
Pyramidal peaks, a pyramid shaped peak that has sharp and steep sides
Synclines and anti synclines, they are folds either upwards or downwards that are formed when collisional plates form fold mountains

2. Explain the formation of a U shaped valley (6 marks) 
Firstly, glacial from higher regions from fold mountains starts moving down into the V shaped valley. While the glacier is moving downwards, it erodes and smoothens the sides on the V shaped valley into a "U" shape valley.Sometimes hanging valleys are formed and waterfalls occur when rivers and streams rush over the hanging valley.

4 marks! *Needs more explanation and add more features

Suggested answer
  1. Glacial flows in a earlier V shaped valley
  2. Glacier erodes the sides and floor of the valley
  3. Valley is greatly straighten, deepened and widened
  4. When the ice melts it becomes U shaped
  5. It will have very steep sides and a fairly flat floor

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