Sunday, November 13, 2011

Humans and fold mountains

Humans and fold mounatains

What is a hazard?

A hazard is a danger/risk

What dangers do humans face when living in fold mountains?

-Rocks slides/avalanches

-Steep, narrow windy roads-

Sub freezing temperatures

- High altitudes

-Lack of oxygen

-Poor growing conditions

Why do people continue living in a hazardous area,such as fold mountains?

Because either they have no choice due to financial,ethical or racial reasons or because they are adapted to the conditions.


- Good tourist destination

- Privacy

- Mining


-HEP (Hydroeletric power plants) can be placed there

-Many sources of income


- No communications to the outside world

- Hazardous weather and conditions

- Little of no jobs are available, and they are low paid

- Few plant/animal species can survive in the higher climates

-Tourism makes the place dirty,noisy and more dangerous

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