Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Soft Engineering (Pros and Cons)

Soft Engineering

Soft engineering uses natural systems such as mangrove and dunes to protect the coastal area. They do this by manipulating and maintaining these natural structures instead of changing their fundamental structures

Some methods include:

-Beach Nourishment
It is done by importing sand and shingle to an area affected by longshore drift.

J Natural defense against erosion and coastal flooding
J Attracts tourists

L Requires regular maintenance as material is constantly swept away from the beach

-Managed Retreat
Erosion is allowed to occur, this  is done to areas of low value

J Encourage the development of natural defense landforms such as beaches and salt marshes
J Low cost

L People may have to be compensated for loss of  from buildings houses and farmland
J Low Costs

J Does not change the landscape of the surrounding area

J Retains the original form of a structure of the landform

J Little reduction of a landform’s usefulness level

J Less impact on the surrounding environment

J Usually long term methods and are sustainable

L Requires regular maintenance

L The defense levels of the landforms may shift over time

L Less likely to be effective in harsh storm conditions

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