Sunday, February 19, 2012

Earthquake Exam Question Q and A sheet

Earthquake Exam Questions Question/Answer Sheet

What are the three features of an earthquake?

Choose any of the five

Epicenter: The point of the earth’s surface vertically above the focus of an earthquake

Fault Line: A separation/crack between two tectonic plates, an earthquake occur if the plates move against each other.

Focus: The point where the earthquake occurs, they can be divided into shallow and deep focus

Shallow focus: Occurs near the surface of the earth, causes moderate to major damage
Deep focus: Occurs far from the earth’s surface, causes little to no damage

Seismic Waves: Vibrations that travel through the earth due to the cause of earthquakes, these waves can be classified into primary, secondary and surface waves.

What are the primary/secondary effects of an earthquake?

Primary effects
- Natural habitats destroyed by landslides caused by the earthquake
- Homes destroyed or collapsed
- People killed or buried in the rubbles
-  Shops collapsed
- Roads severely damaged or destroyed

Secondary effects
- Loss of habitat, leaving animals homeless
- People will not have any shelter
- Family members of the victim will mourn over their deaths
- Because shops are destroyed, the people will have to face starvation due to the fact that it wont be able to provide food.
- Roads that are severely damage wont be able to be used, limiting the movement of emergency units and emergency supply.

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