Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Volcano Starters

What do you already know about volcanoes?

  • It erupts lava
  • A single eruption can causes a lot of damage
  • The smoke and ash that billows out of the volcano is highly poisonous
  • Volcanic ash is very nutritious to plant life as the lava carries minerals from the ground
  • It happens in the Pacific Ring Of Fire
  • The lava is superheated and can cause a lot of damage
  • In ancient times, volcanoes cause diamonds to erupt out from beneath the ground
  • Inside the volcano, it’s called magma, when it erupts out it’s called lava
  • Happens in constructive and destructive plate margins

What do I want to know?

  • What are the stages of a formation of a volcano?
  • Do volcanoes pose a threat to humans?
  • Do volcanoes benefits humans?
  • What gets erupted out of a volcano?
  • Are there different types of volcanoes?
  • Where are volcanoes located?
  • How does it cause damage?

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