Monday, October 3, 2011

A Vlog On The Continental Drift Theory

Hello today I’m going to talk about one of the most extraordinary theory that seem to have shattered the geographic community, the continental drift theory. Proposed by Alfred Wegener, the theory stated that the earth was once a super continent called Pangaea and then over time the continents seemed to have drifted apart to their current places due to millions of years of tectonic activity. At first the geographic community disagreed with the theory but then convincing evidence was dug up by Alfred. He found out the dinosaur Mossasaurs was found out on opposite sites of the world, also he discovered that similar animal and plant species were found on different sides of the world. If that evidence was not convincing enough, he discovered that the continents could fit together like a big jigsaw. Plus, there was more evidence with similar chalk samples found from mountains in the UK and France. Lastly, glacial has been found on countries like Africa and this proves that Africa was always not near the position where it was supposed to be and it drifted from somewhere near the colder regions. Sadly, this still was not enough to convince the community in Alfred’s time but now it has become a generally accepted theory in the geographic community.

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